Bluewater Creek Farm is a family owned & operated sustainable farm located in Killen, Alabama.


Bluewater Creek Farm was founded in 2013 by Liz & Collins Davis and Liz's parents, Doug & Donna Woodford. 

We provide 100% Grass-Fed & Finished Beef to our community.

Our mission is to produce nutrient dense, clean food in a sustainable way. To us, this means using farming practices that work with nature. This in turn increases the nutritional value of the food produced, shows respect for the living beings in our care, and makes a positive impact on our local environment.

It is our desire to use Bluewater Creek Farm as a platform to educate our community about the importance of real food free of harmful chemicals and additives, sustainable farming methods, and a clean environment to achieve and maintain optimal health. Learn more about nutrition focused healthcare at Full Life Wellness Center.


Our Team

Raising pasture-raised meats for our local community