Side of beef = 1/2 a beef cattle $100 deposit

Side of beef = 1/2 a beef cattle $100 deposit

100% Grass-Fed and Finished Beef
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*Our next processing date for sides of beef is currently the end of May, 2022

Limited number available. Reserve yours today!

The most economical way to include 100% grass-fed and finished beef as a part of your diet. We will have cattle ready to process approximately June - October. If you purchase a side of beef we will take your steer to the processor for you. You get to fill out the cut sheet that tells the processor some of your preferences for beef cuts. You will be able to keep bones and organs, if desired. Buying a side of beef means you are paying for the entire side. This is most valuable for those that want to keep all the parts of the animal that they can. 

The beef will be Alabama State Certified processed, vacuum packed, and frozen. Beef cattle hang for approximately 7 days after slaughter. We will process beef from June through October to make sure the cattle are eating the best grass at time of slaughter. If you reserve a side we'll contact you about when you'd like to receive your beef. It can be picked up on farm or possibly delivered to your home if we are able to coordinate that.

Cost is $6.50/lb hanging weight. This price includes taking the cattle to the processor, the processor's fees, and picking the beef up from the processor. A side of beef is estimated to be around 200 - 300 lbs hanging. After the $100 deposit the balance for the side of beef is due at time of pick up. Total cost is estimated to be around $1,300 to $1,950 + sales tax, which is the hanging weight x $6.50/lb. If you prefer a larger or smaller side please let us know in the comments when you order. We will do our best to accommodate preferences. 

Email us through the contact form if you have any questions.


Here's an example of one side of beef that had a hanging weight of 216 lbs. Each side varies and in general will fit in a small chest freezer. This example below saves about $200 off retail. 69.05 lbs of ground beef (66 packages in approximately 1 lb package) 14.72 lbs of chuck roast in 6 packages 10.63 lbs of shoulder roast in 4 pkgs 8.36 lbs of stew meat in 4pkgs 2.36 lbs of flat iron in 2 pkgs .59 lbs of hanger steak in 1 pkg 3.82 lbs of brisket in 1 pkg 6.51 lbs of ribeye in 6 pkgs 10.15 lbs of short ribs in 8pkgs 5.51 lbs of NY strip in 6 pkgs 3.60 lbs of filet in 5 pkgs 5.89 lbs sirloin tip in 3 pkgs .85 lbs skirt in 1 pkg .83 lbs in flank steak 1 pkg 1.07 lbs oxtail in 1 pkg 1.08 lbs of heart in 1 pkg 1.15 lbs of tongue 8.34 lbs of soup bones in 2 pkgs 10.45 lbs of knuckle bones in 2pkgs 2.69 lbs of bone with marrow in 2 pkgs 15.31 lbs of suet in 3 pkgs 3.33 lbs of liver in 3 pkgs