Side of pork = 1/2 a hog $100 deposit

Side of pork = 1/2 a hog $100 deposit

Pasture-Raised Pork
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*Processing dates for 2020 for hogs are end of July and beginning of August. Meat is usually ready for pick up 1-2 weeks after taken to processor*

Buy a half hog to fill your freezer with high-quality, naturally raised, pasture and woodland pork. Our hogs are fed a non-GMO grain blend feed. They roam on wooded land and are able to forage for many plants, animals and nuts that are a large part of their natural diet. 

If you purchase a side of pork, we will take the hog to the processor for you where it will be Alabama State Certified Inspected. The processor will cut it up according to your specifications and then vacuum pack and freeze it. We will pick it up from the processor and bring it to the farm where you can come to pick up your meat. Look at the pork on our website to see some examples of what cuts are available to choose.

Cost is $4.00/lb hanging weight. You will be able to keep bones, organs, jowl, and belly if desired. Note that if you buy a half hog your price is based on the hanging weight so you are paying for the whole animal. If you only like pork chops this is not the best option for you. Approximate hanging weight is around 75 lb - 100 lb per hog. So half a hog typically runs $300 - $400. 

Our processor does not have the ability to make bacon from the belly or to smoke ham. Belly will come to you raw, unprocessed. The processor can make sausage such as breakfast and Italian as loose ground sausage. We usually have the ham put into the grind for sausage. They cannot put sausage into a casing, it is loose. 

Please send us a message through the contact link at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.